made a customer satisfied

My  most recurring Krueger Kick customer, (friend, colleague, and former teaching partner) Kim, asked me to design a special pair of sneakers for a family member that took on a battle with breast cancer and came out victorious. Having not as lucky family experience with “The Big (terrible) C”, I know anyone that takes it on is deserving of triumphant reward.

I designed a special pair of kicks just for her and her love of Mickey.


P.S. – There is proof she was a satisfied customer (Kim took video)… I just don’t have it in the right file type to upload here (booooooooo). I tried.


Silly Rainbows

made colorful cartoon dreams

Silly Rainbows

These guys in no way mean business, unless that business is silliness. The Silly Rainbows bounce, wiggle, and jive their way through the mysteries of life and never let a frown get them down.

What fun they are, what life, what… what COLOR!!!

Why don’t we all just live the simple Silly Rainbow way 🙂


Will You Be My Squirrelfriend?

made a series

I illustrated this series based on the true accounts of friends in this fair city of New York. Contrary to the belief of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, squirrels are not just “rats in cuter outfits.” Based on the behaviors that have been reported to me, it seems  these bushy-tailed beauties are really just searching for a little warmth, comfort, and chocolate.

Squirrels Want Warmth

Squirrels Want Comfort

Squirrels Want Cookies

Squirrels want (Chcolate) Bunnies

Olympic Landing

made a champion

It’s been a while, my friends, but be prepared for some Olympic sized posts… I’ve been saving up! The games may be over but there’s still plenty coming up in the world to admire!!!

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