Back to Capistrano

made, not finished… with good reason (sort of).

Unfinished Pencil sketch of arches in the Capistrano Mission of California

Laaaast summer when I went back home to California I spent an afternoon in the Capistrano Mission sketching some of its adobe architecture. Meticulous as I am, I couldn’t finish before I started getting a sunburn so had to take a picture for a later sitting in front of the computer screen instead of in the sunshine. Not long after uploading the image to my laptop, the damn thing jumped off of my desk and took my harddrive with it. Unfortunately, I lost everything I didn’t back up… which included most things, especially my model to finish this sketch.

Luckily –

Last week when I went back to California, I went back to the Mission and rectified the situation so (maybe) I can do just that.

I’ve been pretty unmotivated in the everything-department lately, but now that I’m fresh from the Western air I plan on getting back-on-track with my doodles!


… and maybe some other stuff, too.


Photograph of arches in the the Capistrano Mission of California


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2 responses to “Back to Capistrano”

  1. mbk119 says :

    Very good… like the detail and black and white… this is more than a doodle… keep up the drawing… 🙂

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