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My Own Week with Marilyn

made one a day… a while ago.

I made these a month or two back when I was in a celebrity stick-figure kick for a few days or weeks in a row. I have quite a few on stand-by to be shared in blog form at later times. It’s not that I forgot I had them catalogued digitally on my phone, but… I forgot I had pictures of them on my phone.

My biggest goal with these was just to make some recognizable cuties and enjoy their stick features; so expect some more to come the HANZZmade way including Audrey Hepburn, Betty White and some Gleeks.

I went farthest with Ms. Monroe by making the five different looks from a few of my favorite movies of hers, with one bred from Friday the 13th imagination waves.

Some like it hot, but some like it Zombie too…

S’nothin’ wrong with a little carnage.


There Are Many Ways To Valentine

Stick figure teacher and student confirming a hug is a good giftmade for VDay

They’re constantly moving and constantly making noise, but my little class of 8-year-old boys can be wildly endearing.

This stick-figure depiction is preeeeeeeeetty much a word-for-word “conversation” I had this morning.

I replied with a big over-the-classroom-response-that-is-obviously-for-everyone-to-hear-inorder-to-teach-a-good-lesson-(and get hugs):

“Hugs are toooooootally O.K. for a present. Why… A hug is one of the best presents ever! I love hugs!”



Super cute and super-awesome hugs.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!




In other news… today marks the 100th day of school!

Place value chart showing 100

I “made” the boys plant one hundred seeds…

Planting 100 seeds in 100 containers

Happy 100!

Good Luck, Dragons!

made for the lunar new year!

red luck dragon in a parade


What’s life without dragons? Luckily in 2012 we don’t have to worry about finding out… it’s the year of the dragon!!



Hanzzmade Doodle: shark tank

made for the youngest Cuz…

he’s graduating to go into middle school – shark tanks and a school filled with

pre-teens are

pretty much the same thing

Hanzzmade Doodle: memories and birthdays

made to depict a former reality…

… and give birthday wishes!

Also- we love Mo Willems!

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