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made a customer satisfied

My  most recurring Krueger Kick customer, (friend, colleague, and former teaching partner) Kim, asked me to design a special pair of sneakers for a family member that took on a battle with breast cancer and came out victorious. Having not as lucky family experience with “The Big (terrible) C”, I know anyone that takes it on is deserving of triumphant reward.

I designed a special pair of kicks just for her and her love of Mickey.


P.S. – There is proof she was a satisfied customer (Kim took video)… I just don’t have it in the right file type to upload here (booooooooo). I tried.



Krueger Kicks: packaged right

made for KIM (again)

With all the Kicks I’ve made (ever) this is the first custom label. It was a whim creation I decided on within the last twenty minutes I had before I was picked up for lunch (by Kim to receive her shoes).

It won’t be the last if I get to make more.

Krueger Kicks: storybook characters on vacation


made for KIM


Krueger Kicks has been on hiatus for quite a while – but I thank my good friend and former teaching partner KIM for helping this craft specialty return with full force.

As a Kindergarten teacher and avid Crusier this theme came quite naturally and gives props to our most favorite picture book authors and their characters!


Especially Mo.

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