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Happy Birthday Katie!!

made on Wednesday and  enjoyed on Friday for a birthday today!

funfetti cake batter ice cream with sprinkles

This funfetti favorite is usually in cake form, but I couldn’t help but dare myself to try the flavor as an ice cream – especially if it meant real life birthday smiles.

Coldstone and other ice cream parlors of the like always made me think cake batter ice cream was a big secret that couldn’t be achieved easily – a mystery of sorts for the true creamers. I found out on allrecipes that there’s really no secret at all… Though I did bump up the game by adding funfetti cake chunks – yums.

Happy birthday Katie!

And Lincoln too…

President Lincoln pencil cartoon (torso)


Hanzzmade Decorations: birthday balloons

made for mom’s 50th surprise!

Hanzzmade Doodle: memories and birthdays

made to depict a former reality…

… and give birthday wishes!

Also- we love Mo Willems!

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