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There Are Many Ways To Valentine

Stick figure teacher and student confirming a hug is a good giftmade for VDay

They’re constantly moving and constantly making noise, but my little class of 8-year-old boys can be wildly endearing.

This stick-figure depiction is preeeeeeeeetty much a word-for-word “conversation” I had this morning.

I replied with a big over-the-classroom-response-that-is-obviously-for-everyone-to-hear-inorder-to-teach-a-good-lesson-(and get hugs):

“Hugs are toooooootally O.K. for a present. Why… A hug is one of the best presents ever! I love hugs!”



Super cute and super-awesome hugs.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!




In other news… today marks the 100th day of school!

Place value chart showing 100

I “made” the boys plant one hundred seeds…

Planting 100 seeds in 100 containers

Happy 100!


HANZZmade Banner: back to school

made for september!




It’s a new month and a new school year so it’s time for a new banner and a new site theme!

It would probably be too obvious to do Halloween for October, but we’ll see how thoughts flow after September takes it’s toll.

I’m already feeling it.



Mache’ Mask: gonzo!

made in art partners afterschool



thanks melissa!

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