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made because it feels like it!

Digital HANZZmade logo with HANZZ letters illustrated in a springtime theme



and because my previous banner didn’t even accurately depict the winter that was (sort of) here…

Enjoy the warmer days.


HANZZmade Banner: winter wonderland

made to last the season

I’ve been absent from here for quite a while – mostly due to my inability to manage my duties as both a teacher and a grad student and a human being. Along with my thumb injury in September, physical crafting has been out of the question this semester… until now!

The budding holiday season has inspired motivation of the crafter inside.

Get ready, ’cause here crafts come!

HANZZmade Banner: back to school

made for september!




It’s a new month and a new school year so it’s time for a new banner and a new site theme!

It would probably be too obvious to do Halloween for October, but we’ll see how thoughts flow after September takes it’s toll.

I’m already feeling it.



HANZZmade Banner: cali cali california


made for August


Aaaaand also to pay homage 🙂

I digidrew and posted this before I travelled West.

I got back today from a two-week retreat to Southern California, revisiting family, personal relics and a bit of hometown history. In between revelations (and parties) I still found lots of time to CaliCraft – which I will surely be sharing this week and, possibly, beyond!!!


As for the Cali-Banner: It will headline for the remainder of the month and be replaced on September 1st with a BRAND NEW THEME!!!






Don’t be surprised if it’s back-to-school themed.


Hanzzmade Banner: hp for life!

made to celebrate an end

This HANZZmade Banner hangs from now until Harry Potter‘s birthday on July 31st.

Afterwards I would like to move on to a topic that lies behind the veils of YOUR imagination!

Please make suggestions for a new banner theme to be mounted atop by commenting on this post or emailing thoughts 🙂

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