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Serious Bugs

made a cockroach cartoon

The Serious Bugs



Will You Be My Squirrelfriend?

made a series

I illustrated this series based on the true accounts of friends in this fair city of New York. Contrary to the belief of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, squirrels are not just “rats in cuter outfits.” Based on the behaviors that have been reported to me, it seems  these bushy-tailed beauties are really just searching for a little warmth, comfort, and chocolate.

Squirrels Want Warmth

Squirrels Want Comfort

Squirrels Want Cookies

Squirrels want (Chcolate) Bunnies

Olympic Landing

made a champion

It’s been a while, my friends, but be prepared for some Olympic sized posts… I’ve been saving up! The games may be over but there’s still plenty coming up in the world to admire!!!

eARTh day

made for mother nature

Positive green message reading, shine bright green. Illustrated with a circle of leaves and vines surrounding it and reduce reuse recycle written below.

Use less, waste less. Every little bit counts!

Happy Earth Day!!!

Full color illustration of the sun with multiple layers of sun rays

made on scrap paper

Colored pencil collage illustration of a nature scene with branches, leaves, bushes and grass.

made on scrap paper




side by side image of a park bench with a green message: Please recycle. Slam Dunk Your Junk.

park bench with a message

It’s a Beautiful Day in This SPRING!!

made for the season and everyone’s favorite neighbor

ink illustration of mr rogers holding a daisy near his trolly


When I was singing Mr. Rogers’ theme song to myself earlier today (heck yes I was), I didn’t realize I was not only singing for the lovely first day of Spring we are having here in the ‘hood, but also the birthday of the man himself! In fact, today would have been his 85th!

So Happy Birthday to Mr. Rogers and Happy Spring to everyone else.

I hope you make a snappy new day!


Footloose Fruit

made for healthy habits

Eat well, dance often.

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