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Gaga on Pearls, Pearls on Gaga

made for a contest!

peraly lady gagaI think this is one of the best things I’ve ever drawn. I found out about a drawing contest for a fashion magazine where Lady Gaga and her pearls (or her flipping the bird) were the challenge.

The pearls were the easy parts… the hands were killer! I needed multiple tries to steer away from alien fingers. Perspective was pretty tricky when it came down to the knees and feet…There’s a reason I started the stick figure series; they’re appendages are so much easier to fake, but I may have to go Gaga again. She’s super fun to draw.

Be GAGAwesome!

HANZZmade Doodle: welcome 2012

made for a memorable new year


My first 2012 craft comes to you from a moment that began in 2011. In the last ten-seconds before time-travel, a glittered and noisemakered crowd paused in seeing the juxtaposition of USA’s Bloomberg next to Lady Gaga in all her luster.

After getting lost in the allisrightwiththeworld moment of 00:00:00, we missed out on their big kiss.


Since dancing my way into 2012 during the earlier hours of January 1, I’ve commenced work on a variety of resolutions I hope bring about clarity and action in the days and year to come.

My resolutions are available for viewing in “tweet form” on, uh, Twitter.

That’s right- Tweet Tweet in 2012 – check @HANZZmade for me in mini-er form.

It’s all happening – so let it come!
Happy New Year!

Holiday Finals

made these presents

Skate-O-Rama Diorama


This isn’t the first time I’ve made a diorama (in high school I made them for extra-credit), but it’s the first time I’ve ever gifted one. I crafted this Skate-O-Rama miniature for my bro, with a push-light included and secured to the lid for optimum viewing pleasure. You can’t really see the full extent of paper-skating pleasures I glued together, but the park includes a half-pipe, quarter-pipe, ramp, bowl and steps to kick-flip over and grind on.


I only wish it had traveled better and not gotten (minorly) crushed in my suitcase.


Flaming Mallow

Seeing the cuzins is the best part of Christmas, even though a mere 3 hours of visiting within a 6-month period pretty much bums me out. None-the-less, excitement and happy ensues when we are together and I hope I helped us along a little bit more this year by designing this original ornament just for them.

Bonfires and marshmallow memories… those were the days!!!!


Before and after the year is over I hope everyone can enjoy their days with loved ones and some sunshine.

Like Bigfoot and the Gnome…

Big Foot and the Gnome catch some rays...


Goodbye ’11!!

HANZZmade Banner: winter wonderland

made to last the season

I’ve been absent from here for quite a while – mostly due to my inability to manage my duties as both a teacher and a grad student and a human being. Along with my thumb injury in September, physical crafting has been out of the question this semester… until now!

The budding holiday season has inspired motivation of the crafter inside.

Get ready, ’cause here crafts come!

This WAS Halloween

made myself a cartoon… again.














I probably was a cartoon character in a past life.

Is that possible?



It can’t possibly be November, that’s for sure… no way, no way, no way!

HANZZmade Doodle: OoOoOoOo ice scream

made for a bake sale


Oh, yes… Pumpkin Ice SCREAM made it to the masses… But this sign didn’t.


I forgot to email it to myself before going to work and had to make a reproduction with crayon and marker… Dumb dumb.

HANZZmade Doodle: er remedies

made left-handed


Pretty good for a non-dominant south-paw, eh?

Near the end of an extended dishwashing session on Saturday, I wound up jamming my right thumb against the broken edge of a classy Ikea glass, resulting in one nasty gash.

It didn’t really gush to the point depicted in my artwork (see below), but I did need to put three bandaids on it to keep it in check.

A couple hours later (after making pancakes, watching Netlfix, and going to the ATM) I called my mom to ask her advice on cleansing and bandaging since I needed to go to Duane Reade anyway to get dishwashing soap (I used it all before the cut).

It was her idea to go to the hospital. As she said “hospital”, I could feel my bandages getting soggy and my hand tightening in pain.

Three stitches later it turned out to be just the right idea.


HANZZmade Doodle: iWhat? iPad!!!

made with ArtStudio App for iPad!!


I knew it would be a rough September! Working with a rambunctious bunch during the day,maintaining grad school afterwards and suffering a broken laptop all the while, I felt it time for a personal reward 🙂

For now, enjoy the quick art I got to make in between planning and response writing.


Krueger Kicks: storybook characters on vacation


made for KIM


Krueger Kicks has been on hiatus for quite a while – but I thank my good friend and former teaching partner KIM for helping this craft specialty return with full force.

As a Kindergarten teacher and avid Crusier this theme came quite naturally and gives props to our most favorite picture book authors and their characters!


Especially Mo.

Classic Craft: cartoon likeness

made in 4th grade!!


My cartooning technique hasn’t changed much since childhood (the eeeeeeeeeeyes!), but I have gotten a little more refined if I do say so myself.

I went cabinet-diving into the past one early morn in California and found loooooooads of fun memories placed deep in my old shelves… including these drawings, printed inside a photocopier made yearbook.

I’m thinking my favorite actress choice was based solely on my love for Sister Act 2.

Bette Midler was probably a close second because of Beaches.

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