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Jack and the Beanstalk

made a stop-motion scene


Thursday I’ll be starting a 5-week long afterschool program to teach some fourth graders and their parents how to use iPhoto and iMovie to make their own animations. I wanted to make one before the program started so I spent a good part of today in pre-production (cutting and gluing construction paper pieces), production (taking pictures, moving construction paper pieces, taking pictures, moving construction paper pieces, taking pictures, moving construction paper pieces…………), and post-production (editing!) to make this 45-second gem.



Altogether roughly one hour of work for every ten-seconds of footage.



I meeeeeaaaaan…

I enjoyed myself… Sooooooo, hopefully the nine-year-olds will too 😛



Holiday Finals

made these presents

Skate-O-Rama Diorama


This isn’t the first time I’ve made a diorama (in high school I made them for extra-credit), but it’s the first time I’ve ever gifted one. I crafted this Skate-O-Rama miniature for my bro, with a push-light included and secured to the lid for optimum viewing pleasure. You can’t really see the full extent of paper-skating pleasures I glued together, but the park includes a half-pipe, quarter-pipe, ramp, bowl and steps to kick-flip over and grind on.


I only wish it had traveled better and not gotten (minorly) crushed in my suitcase.


Flaming Mallow

Seeing the cuzins is the best part of Christmas, even though a mere 3 hours of visiting within a 6-month period pretty much bums me out. None-the-less, excitement and happy ensues when we are together and I hope I helped us along a little bit more this year by designing this original ornament just for them.

Bonfires and marshmallow memories… those were the days!!!!


Before and after the year is over I hope everyone can enjoy their days with loved ones and some sunshine.

Like Bigfoot and the Gnome…

Big Foot and the Gnome catch some rays...


Goodbye ’11!!

Hanzzmade Decorations: birthday balloons

made for mom’s 50th surprise!

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