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Footloose Fruit

made for healthy habits

Eat well, dance often.


made because it feels like it!

Digital HANZZmade logo with HANZZ letters illustrated in a springtime theme



and because my previous banner didn’t even accurately depict the winter that was (sort of) here…

Enjoy the warmer days.

Toys! Toys! Toys Machine!

made because I  would

Ink illustration of a claw toy machine filled with different kinds of stuffed animals and toys

We were driving and talking about stuff and toy machines and my friend Jenna said, “That sounds like something you would draw.”

And then I said, “Ya… You’re right.”

Totally right.


I don’t actually like these things though. I always wanted something awesome from them but could never win anything. I much prefer Skeeball.You reap tickets for your efforts instead of shame.

Torturous Twosome

made at the laundromat

Pencil drawing of Evil "Tied" detergent and and evil washing machine bubbling at the mouth

I did laundry last night and it was simply horrible because it always is. I did not make these super villains last night, however, because I forgot my sketchbook (making it more epically awful to be there)… Otherwise there would have been a Demonic Dryer to join forces with these two.

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