Torturous Twosome

made at the laundromat

Pencil drawing of Evil "Tied" detergent and and evil washing machine bubbling at the mouth

I did laundry last night and it was simply horrible because it always is. I did not make these super villains last night, however, because I forgot my sketchbook (making it more epically awful to be there)… Otherwise there would have been a Demonic Dryer to join forces with these two.


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2 responses to “Torturous Twosome”

  1. Aunt Mary Beth says :

    These drawing give me the feeling that you just did not like doing the laundry ๐Ÿ™‚ Given the time and where you do your laundry may make a difference…. Laundry mats were not my favorite place to go but it made me happy because I could get 8 loads done at once. Although I hated washing my clothes where EVERYONE else did, but you can bet I took a box of wipies with me everytime then, I just didn’t think about it much more. My son was livid when I told him our washer/dryer broke down so I needed his help at the laundry mat. He always wanted to go the back door in case one of his friends might see him, oh no! He got over it when he knew he had clean clothes.

    You may think this is lame, but I like doing laundry because I am good at it…and I love the smell of clean clothes, especially back in the day when we hung the clothes out in the fresh air on the clothes lines.

    I also love to iron… and I iron EVERYTHING…

    There ya go… food for more drawings… ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs

    Auntie MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmB

    • hanzzmade says :

      I really dislike laundry. Though I dislike most chores (lazy to the core) – especially washing dishes. That’s as torturous as laundry with the potential for some mad ick-factor.

      I think what makes laundry most annoying is the whole multi-step aspect to it… It doesn’t end when the dryer buzzes. I still have a pile of unmatched socks on the floor I don’t want to deal with.

      The laundromat forces an all-in-one-go mentality so it means lots of steps with lots of clothes. In my old apartment we had laundry in our basement so I could do mini-loads throughout the week so it was less grueling.

      In this apartment we have a dishwasher instead.

      Compromises, compromises ๐Ÿ˜‰

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