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T-Rex Teaser


made an advertisement


Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a Red Carpet Premiere of short animated films made by Fourth and Fifth grade students at the school where I teach. Not only did I get to help the kids and their families bring their own super sweet stories to life, but I also got to work on my own movie while imparting knowledge on youngsters.

Throughout this filmmaking process I got to teach the kids about the steps of movie production, from pre-production and storyboarding, to production and shooting, to post-production and editing, all the way down to publicity and advertisement. Soooo…. Tomorrow I will be posting my “Hannah-mation”, Tough to be a T-Rex, here FOR YOU!


Don’t miss it!


Krueger Kicks: Pretty Feet


Krueger Kicks are back again! Thanks to my most frequent returning customer, I got the chance to make another pair of mini-kicks… This time with pageantry as the theme. Good thing I watched all those episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras on Netflix because the knowledge I gained truly came in handy. These are Full Glitz sneaks, y’all, and I hope they make a Grand Supreme winner out of their wearer at her next pageant!!!!

Image     Image     Image

made for a pageant princess

Remembering Hogwarts

Just a few years ago, the Harry Potter book series was complete and soon followed the film series that was adapted from it.

To commemorate the magical moments of those books and films, I started making an animated tribute series, Remembering Hogwarts. In a very short amount of time I animated scenes from the first three Harry Potter tales, but then took a very long time to create a scene from the fourth, The Goblet of Fire.

Though I had a strong vision of what I wanted to do (I made the background in February of 2012), the thought of how much time it would take to build the additional scenery and props (trees, tents, fires) and make hire all the extras (Death Eaters and Victims) was daunting – and on top of it I had to shoot and edit??  Needless to say, I kept this project in the background (on my dresser) for quite a while.

But I finally did it… After three straight days of set design and hiring the talent (crafting), seven-hours of shooting and two of editing, I finally did it…

made a scene from The Goblet of Fire

Jack and the Beanstalk

made a stop-motion scene


Thursday I’ll be starting a 5-week long afterschool program to teach some fourth graders and their parents how to use iPhoto and iMovie to make their own animations. I wanted to make one before the program started so I spent a good part of today in pre-production (cutting and gluing construction paper pieces), production (taking pictures, moving construction paper pieces, taking pictures, moving construction paper pieces, taking pictures, moving construction paper pieces…………), and post-production (editing!) to make this 45-second gem.



Altogether roughly one hour of work for every ten-seconds of footage.



I meeeeeaaaaan…

I enjoyed myself… Sooooooo, hopefully the nine-year-olds will too 😛



made a customer satisfied

My  most recurring Krueger Kick customer, (friend, colleague, and former teaching partner) Kim, asked me to design a special pair of sneakers for a family member that took on a battle with breast cancer and came out victorious. Having not as lucky family experience with “The Big (terrible) C”, I know anyone that takes it on is deserving of triumphant reward.

I designed a special pair of kicks just for her and her love of Mickey.


P.S. – There is proof she was a satisfied customer (Kim took video)… I just don’t have it in the right file type to upload here (booooooooo). I tried.


Silly Rainbows

made colorful cartoon dreams

Silly Rainbows

These guys in no way mean business, unless that business is silliness. The Silly Rainbows bounce, wiggle, and jive their way through the mysteries of life and never let a frown get them down.

What fun they are, what life, what… what COLOR!!!

Why don’t we all just live the simple Silly Rainbow way 🙂


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