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Pumpkin Ice SCREAM!!!

made on a whim




This is the most original ice cream flavor I have made to date. Top notch “winging it” was involved in the creation of this pumpkin chocolate delicacy.

With this initial serving, I dripped my bittersweet fudge on top that added an extra zing to the pumpkin spices of the SCREAM… The full batch has ripples of the dark syrup pooled between layers of creamy pumpkin.

In the Falls of years’ past I’ve always made a soft, chewy cookie I called, “Pumpkin Chocolate Perfection”, but after tasting this new dessert I’ll have to re-dub the cookies, “Pumpkin Chocolate Almost Perfection”. I should probably have someone concur the flavor is truly magnificent, but the welling of joy and satisfaction in my eyes was pretty definitive.

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