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My Own Week with Marilyn

made one a day… a while ago.

I made these a month or two back when I was in a celebrity stick-figure kick for a few days or weeks in a row. I have quite a few on stand-by to be shared in blog form at later times. It’s not that I forgot I had them catalogued digitally on my phone, but… I forgot I had pictures of them on my phone.

My biggest goal with these was just to make some recognizable cuties and enjoy their stick features; so expect some more to come the HANZZmade way including Audrey Hepburn, Betty White and some Gleeks.

I went farthest with Ms. Monroe by making the five different looks from a few of my favorite movies of hers, with one bred from Friday the 13th imagination waves.

Some like it hot, but some like it Zombie too…

S’nothin’ wrong with a little carnage.



The number 200 illustrated 100 different ways (numeral, computations, geometrics, representations)

made for my 200th post!

To celebrate this second centennial of postings I decided to math-out the number 200 in 100 different representations.

Lots of math for lots of posts… which is true to life! Mathematics are our logical representations and explanations of the world around us. We rely on our arithmetics to relay our perceptions.

How artistically numeric. Numerically artistic? …or something.


Enjoy the math. Enjoy the crafts. Enjoy the next ∞.

scratch paper of problems that equal 200 in different ways

Oh Tara, My Tara

Ink illustration sillhouette of Scarlett O'Hara looking out to her home, Tara and the red, Georgia dirt roads that lead to it

made foooooor… Tara

Actually, I drew out this 1939 Oscar winner yesterday and planned on making a few others as well (West Side Story, Silence of the Lambs, Titanic maybe…) in celebration of the Award show I wasn’t watching.

This doodle took a little longer than anticipated (I could have watched Gone with the Wind in its entirety and a half).

It was the tree… Trees always have so much going on.

I used/relied on Google images to help me capture the picturesque plantation, but only had it in my heart to sketch in a silhouetted Scarlett. I realize now I could have found time for a Rhett Butler – stepping in from the other side of the tree… returning because he DID give a damn!


Hmm… Maybe I’ll add him – probably no…

I’ll think of it tomorrow 😉


There Are Many Ways To Valentine

Stick figure teacher and student confirming a hug is a good giftmade for VDay

They’re constantly moving and constantly making noise, but my little class of 8-year-old boys can be wildly endearing.

This stick-figure depiction is preeeeeeeeetty much a word-for-word “conversation” I had this morning.

I replied with a big over-the-classroom-response-that-is-obviously-for-everyone-to-hear-inorder-to-teach-a-good-lesson-(and get hugs):

“Hugs are toooooootally O.K. for a present. Why… A hug is one of the best presents ever! I love hugs!”



Super cute and super-awesome hugs.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!




In other news… today marks the 100th day of school!

Place value chart showing 100

I “made” the boys plant one hundred seeds…

Planting 100 seeds in 100 containers

Happy 100!

Happy Birthday Katie!!

made on Wednesday and  enjoyed on Friday for a birthday today!

funfetti cake batter ice cream with sprinkles

This funfetti favorite is usually in cake form, but I couldn’t help but dare myself to try the flavor as an ice cream – especially if it meant real life birthday smiles.

Coldstone and other ice cream parlors of the like always made me think cake batter ice cream was a big secret that couldn’t be achieved easily – a mystery of sorts for the true creamers. I found out on allrecipes that there’s really no secret at all… Though I did bump up the game by adding funfetti cake chunks – yums.

Happy birthday Katie!

And Lincoln too…

President Lincoln pencil cartoon (torso)

Good Luck, Dragons!

made for the lunar new year!

red luck dragon in a parade


What’s life without dragons? Luckily in 2012 we don’t have to worry about finding out… it’s the year of the dragon!!



Gaga on Pearls, Pearls on Gaga

made for a contest!

peraly lady gagaI think this is one of the best things I’ve ever drawn. I found out about a drawing contest for a fashion magazine where Lady Gaga and her pearls (or her flipping the bird) were the challenge.

The pearls were the easy parts… the hands were killer! I needed multiple tries to steer away from alien fingers. Perspective was pretty tricky when it came down to the knees and feet…There’s a reason I started the stick figure series; they’re appendages are so much easier to fake, but I may have to go Gaga again. She’s super fun to draw.

Be GAGAwesome!

Share the Dream

made in honor of his dream

Remember it takes more than one to make it happen…

We’re all here now, we’re all capable now of re-imagining the dream Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shared with many. No matter how big or small, make peace (peacefully) and share open-mindedness in 2012.


It’s time for humanity.

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