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>Food: stufffffffffffed avocado (revamped AGAIN!)


made for Mark and me
Chunked halibut bits (again), this time mixed with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and pepper jack crumbles with panko bread crumbs STUFFED inside slightly scooped out avocado halves and topped with extra avocado and a splash of BBQ sauce too!!!!!!!!!!
Baked for 20, serve for Heaven.

>Food: stufffffffffffed avocado (again)


made almost too delicious to handle
Chunked halibut bits mixed with chilli corn salsa (a la Trader Joe’s) and pepper jack cheese STUFFED inside avocado halves and topped with panko bread crumbs and more cheese.
Baked and served.

>Food: stufffffffffffed avocado


made because of mad men…

betty draper said “crabbed-stuffed avocado” and i was sold-
except I actually made “ground-turkey-and-cheese-stuffed avocado with taco flavor”…
you need: avocado, ground meat, cheese, a little cream cheese and some taco seasoning you buy in the international aisle, of course.
Do what it says on the back of the seasoning with the ground meat of your choice.
When that’s ready add some cheese and a dollop of cream cheese (mmmm, delicious… makes it… creamy.)
Then cut that avocado of yours in half, knock out that giant seed and take a few tiny scoops out of each center (for extra room for meat!).
Put the avocado halves on a baking sheet and then stuff those centers with that creamy, cheesy, meaty goodness.
I put a little bit of cheese on top and some bread crumbs across them (or crumbled corn chips would be good).
Put those avocados in the oven and Bake for a little bit so it is warm all the way through and a little crispy on top.
Also I don’t recommend buying avocados at Key Food… shop elsewhere for such a delicacy… they are worth it

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