HANZZmade Jewelry: a (kinda) perfect circle

made with lots and lots and lots of wire!

It’s not really “holiday”, but it is a present.

If I were to give it to Lady Gaga I’m sure she’d use it as a monocle.

But it is just a necklace charm, made from purposefully random acts of wrapping, knotting and tucking wires around each other. The real skill is dodging the extra length of unruly ends before they make contact with eyeball.

Safety goggles may have to go on my wish list for Santa this year…

not a monocle.


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3 responses to “HANZZmade Jewelry: a (kinda) perfect circle”

  1. mbk119 says :

    This is so cool Hannah… I know you do so much in so little time… nice that you can find the time… very clever… Ho! Ho! Ho! hugs, Auntie MmmmmmmmmmB

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