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Serious Bugs

made a cockroach cartoon

The Serious Bugs



Olympic Landing

made a champion

It’s been a while, my friends, but be prepared for some Olympic sized posts… I’ve been saving up! The games may be over but there’s still plenty coming up in the world to admire!!!

Classic Craft: cartoon likeness

made in 4th grade!!


My cartooning technique hasn’t changed much since childhood (the eeeeeeeeeeyes!), but I have gotten a little more refined if I do say so myself.

I went cabinet-diving into the past one early morn in California and found loooooooads of fun memories placed deep in my old shelves… including these drawings, printed inside a photocopier made yearbook.

I’m thinking my favorite actress choice was based solely on my love for Sister Act 2.

Bette Midler was probably a close second because of Beaches.

Hanzzmade Doodle: memories and birthdays

made to depict a former reality…

… and give birthday wishes!

Also- we love Mo Willems!

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