Classic Craft: el camino

made for Indian Princesses (mostly by dad) à la age 7? maybe?

Actually .

I definitely just conceptualized this baby.

And picked the color.

Growing up (and now) our dad has always had a love of cars and his 1971 El Camino was always his working project and great car pride. All the cool cars go to California and his helps prove it.

It’s loud, shiny and just plain pretty.

On Wednesday nights throughout elementary school we were regulars at the Wienerschnitzel car show. My brother and I spent the hours running around shined silver rims and bright-colored classics while  dad schmoozed with his Meano’s hood up.

Before turning into our driveway, we’d pedal (to the metal) through the neighborhood to the tunes of the Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over, never complete until we heard the song “Get Over It” and burned rubber on the side-street next to our house.

Surely, mom knew we were home, then.

NOW – when the El Camino gets pulled out of the garage it will more likely be by MY BROTHER  since dad passed it on to him (as promised) after his college graduation.

(Now the note in the first picture makes sense 😉 )

Way to go Dad and Bro for being the owners of a rad ride.


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