>Recipe: "the dip"

>made for a publishing party…


“The Dip”

Usually when I eat this dish I am at a huge family event, celebrating anything. All of my aunts, uncles and cousins from my Dad’s side of the family chat, laugh and have fun while enjoying this dip. Whenever we know a party is coming, we know someone will be bringing “The Dip”.


Brick of cream cheese (8 oz.)

Cocktail sauce



Step 1: Open the cream cheese carefully and place the brick on a plate

Step 2: Open a jar of cocktail sauce and poor as much as you like over the cream cheese

Step 3: Open your crackers and place some around your dip on the plate.

Step 4: Take a cracker and use a knife to spread some cream cheese and sauce over your cracker. Or you can use your cracker like a knife to break off a piece of cream cheese with cocktail sauce on it. Put it in your mouth and chomp away!!


… and every beach party


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