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That Zombie’s Got Heart, Too

made another warmhearted walker

ink illustration of bloody zombie smiling at a yellow balloon tied to his wrist

It’s funny to imagine zombies in tender and innocent moments…

That’s not really their purpose.


Pen line drawing of bloody zombie crawling on the grass, smiling and reaching toward a blue butterfly


My Own Week with Marilyn

made one a day… a while ago.

I made these a month or two back when I was in a celebrity stick-figure kick for a few days or weeks in a row. I have quite a few on stand-by to be shared in blog form at later times. It’s not that I forgot I had them catalogued digitally on my phone, but… I forgot I had pictures of them on my phone.

My biggest goal with these was just to make some recognizable cuties and enjoy their stick features; so expect some more to come the HANZZmade way including Audrey Hepburn, Betty White and some Gleeks.

I went farthest with Ms. Monroe by making the five different looks from a few of my favorite movies of hers, with one bred from Friday the 13th imagination waves.

Some like it hot, but some like it Zombie too…

S’nothin’ wrong with a little carnage.

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