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Audrey As Promised

made as Holly Golightly

Ink stick figure drawing of Aurdrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in a long black dress with black gloves, a tiars and a long cigarette

Audrey Hepburn was always one of my favorite women, and Breakfast At Tiffany’s is definitely in my top ten where favorite movies are concerned.

A few nights after this Golightly-success I tried making a few other looks from the movie (pink dress, cat mask), but they didn’t work out as planned. The bun-work Holly sported was pretty intricate for each outfit and I just couldn’t get it in the mindset I was in (one beer and one tequila shot inebriation). It just didn’t work out.

It is very good, however, that Audrey Hepburn worked out for the world. She represents the type of underdog story that doesn’t really happen now-a-days what with instant fame shows, reality television, youtube, yada yada, etc., and so on.

Audrey Hepburn was not only important in film, but also in activism for children around the world through UNICEF. Pretty sweet.

And for dessert she would eat a Granny Smith.


But in all seriousness, I do hope that there are young girls out there that know who Audrey Hepburn is and can look up to her as a positive role model. With all there is out there to get starry-eyed over it’s worrying how the young-folk are interpreting all this garbage into how they should actually act in real life.

Pissing on boardwalks and flipping the bird through slurs of shit-storms isn’t exactly graceful.

Let’s all be more graceful.

This Is A Girl’s Bookshelf And…

made for International Women’s Day

Ink illustration of a bookshelf filled with items

I stretch the truth.

My intentions in this drawing were not aaaaactually specifically totally for International Women’s Day… I was just entertaining myself, yesterday.  But I think it fits well and maybe, in my mind, since I knew International Women’s Day was today, this was subconsciously meant for such purposes because I knew I would be too lazy/tired/lazy to take on such an extensive doodle today: International Women’s Day.

Interestingly, of all days,  I had a moment this afternoon where my celebrated gender was moderately offended through a slight made by one nnnnot of my gender.

No matter how far (we’re lead to believe) we’ve come as a society there are so many that were left off somewhere long ago on the timeline of equality… There are definitely folks missing out on some serious teachings of the golden rule up in here.

It’s not impossible to find an extra beat of the heart for some empathy, to take the time to appreciate each others’ worth no matter who, what, or how. We weren’t actually created equal and there’s way more than face value to consider.

I am woman and that’s only the beginning!

She is she, he is her, his is he, she is him, her is they – and it’s only the beginning!!!

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