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Picture: puzzle until my puzzler is sore

made one on top of the other

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As it turns out, this craft spawned a dream-come-true and is highly thanks to my mom for having two pristine jigsaw puzzles to work with back home in California.

Pictures: ship spectres

made aboard the legendary Queen Mary

There are many sites to see in Southern California and in my childhood the Queen Mary ship was never one I frequented. In my mind I had linked rumors of its haunted decks with slumber party fears of Bloody Mary to equal a firm decision in not wanting to go.

But that was then, this is now, of course, and as it stands, I’d pretty much love to be a Ghostbuster these days.

Conveniently, a Ghosts and Legends tour is provided that is not suitable for children under the age of 15. Though my own understandings of the paranormal lead me to believe that ghosts don’t haunt in 25 minute intervals, my brother did put it nicely: “more believable than Disney.”

Weirdly (or maybe not) the biggest chill I felt while aboard the ship was when I got a load of one of the gigantic propellers, lighted just below the surface of the water. I even had to walk out for a second and then return to fully view the scene.

Believing the ship was haunted after our tour was something I still wasn’t sure on – though events that occurred afterwards on my SoCal voyage would point me towards affirmative.

This picture helps too – I may have only captured white sunlight streaming in the windows, but it could also be spectres, phantom images of passengers or troops tied as tightly to the decks of the Queen Mary as she is the docks at Long Beach.


Pictures: fun florida

made on pensacola beach

Pictures: sneaky tribute

made in the wilderness




What’s not pictured is the 6-inch blade I had strapped to my waist…

If there was a bow with arrows in the house I would have been on that too. Though my weapon only really came in handy when I stood atop a rock and pretended I was as awesome as Katniss Everdeen. None of my peers were after my blood in the woods.

Read the Hunger Games, too.

Pictures: journey to the underland


made  ~116 feet below the surface



read the underland chronicles and go deeper!

my brother is a dude

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