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HANZZmade Doodle: welcome 2012

made for a memorable new year


My first 2012 craft comes to you from a moment that began in 2011. In the last ten-seconds before time-travel, a glittered and noisemakered crowd paused in seeing the juxtaposition of USA’s Bloomberg next to Lady Gaga in all her luster.

After getting lost in the allisrightwiththeworld moment of 00:00:00, we missed out on their big kiss.


Since dancing my way into 2012 during the earlier hours of January 1, I’ve commenced work on a variety of resolutions I hope bring about clarity and action in the days and year to come.

My resolutions are available for viewing in “tweet form” on, uh, Twitter.

That’s right- Tweet Tweet in 2012 – check @HANZZmade for me in mini-er form.

It’s all happening – so let it come!
Happy New Year!

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