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Hanzzmade Doodle: all over gators

made another death-defier




Hanzzmade Doodle: shark tank

made for the youngest Cuz…

he’s graduating to go into middle school – shark tanks and a school filled with

pre-teens are

pretty much the same thing

Hanzzmade Decorations: birthday balloons

made for mom’s 50th surprise!


There’s a lot we can learn from the Pokéman named Pikachu. Not only is he small, yellow and adorable, but he is also filled with an electricity he can use to help Ash and all of his Poké-friends. Pikachu collects his electricity in his cheeks and stores it for good use.

Pikachu observes and listens to the Poké-friends around him to know when it is a good time to zap his electricity.

Sometimes it is hard for Pikachu to hold in all that electricity and he ends up zapping before he can use his great thinking to look and listen to his surroundings.

When Pikachu zaps without thinking first he might end up hurting the Poké-friends around him with his electric shocks.  Pikachu has to try and be very careful with his zaps so he does not upset his Poké-friends.



made with necessary research

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