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HANZZmade Doodle: more baby!

made at the baby shower

This onesie is the beginning of something epic.

While in California I got to go to my cousin’s baby shower – the first out of five I’ve been able to attend! Anyway, my Aunt Teri is one smart hostess who knows how to keep her hair-brained family in check: with food, drinks, and of course (most notably), crafts!

Decorating onsies and bibs is a great way to pass the time at a baby shower in between ooos, awes and pampers.

Remembering Hogwarts

made a scene from Prisoner of Azkaban

Can you believe it?
This third scene in my Remembering Hogwarts Series is really more than one!

(Don’t you just love trick endings?)

I spent A LOT of time on set and prop design for this vid, building an entire car of the Hogwarts Express, the end of Platform 9 3/4 AND an unattended snack trolly. The “location” offered tons of opportunity to play up details and background animation. I’m pretty proud of the  scenery as it moves with the train out of London, through city and forest, towards Hogwarts Castle. I used receipt paper for the effect… Talk about an obsolete item- I had to buy a 12 pack to get the 3-feet of slim, rolled paper I needed for this project… And that was a success only had after traveling to four different stores.

At least they have teacher discounts at Office Max.

Too bad the same kind of discounts aren’t offered on Harry Potter action figures…

I might have purchased Draco on Amazon just for this scene.

HANZZmade for SALE

Alright, alright, alright –


So I’ve had an Etsy account since 2009 (apparently) and have not made use of its selling features at all… until now.


Check out my newly opened shop on Etsy and please return to it as I intend on listing more and more as my makes come out.



You can even subscribe to it via an RSS feed – Google Reader anyone?

Coming Soon: remembering hogwarts 3

made a prop


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m really a miniature crafter – most things I end up creating are on a very small scale, though through photographic magics, appear a heck of a lot bigger on the interwebs.

This jacket is no exception.

I’ve been heavily focused on making props for my next animated short (Remembering Hogwarts: A Scene from The Prisoner of Azkaban) and debated on whether or not this specific detail was necessary for production.

As it turns out:

It is…                            
Mostly because I REVEL in details – the smaller the better.

And this jacket is tiny: It’s vertical length measures a mere 2 1/2 inches, with an armspan of 3 1/2 inches.

The frayed edges are not a product of the thing being so-darn-small, but are there on purpose. This is a werewolf’s blazer after all, and I don’t think “pristine” is a describer for such a creature’s belongings.

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