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Twas The Night Before Potter


Twas the night before Potter
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse.
But the theaters, oh!
Now those were the sight!
They bustled and justled
and lit up quite bright.
The people all waited
for hours in line,
while flashes of spell-work
danced in their minds.
With boys in cracked glasses
and girls in House Robes
they all wanted in
to the theater in loads.
After hours of waiting
in lines that wound towns
the usher arrived to let down the
Away to the screening
fans fly in a flash
to cheer on the boy
with a lightning shaped gash.
At midnight they’ll scream,
they’ll whistle and shout
they’ll yell and they’ll choke
till he knocks You-Know-Who out.
Happy Potter’s Eve to All and to All Good Night!

made for Harry’s midnight madness

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